What are rack servers?

Also known as, rack-mounted servers, they are computers dedicated for use as servers and are one of the most popular servers for people who want to buy a server. They are installed in frameworks known as racks, which contain several mounting slots referred to as bays. Each of these bays has a hardware unit that is tightly secured using screws. Unlike the tower servers, which have upright standalone cabinets as enclosures, the rack servers have low-profile enclosures.

Multiple servers can be stacked up on each other to make up one single rack. By combining them, it economizes on floor space and consolidates the network resources. This configuration makes it easy to connect the cables to the various network components. Rack servers that comprise of many servers require a cooling system to reduce heat buildup in their power-dissipating components especially if they are crammed in small spaces.

What makes rack servers unique?

rack mount servers ensure that your things are arranged neatly as they come with a special kind of cable management. They are also very expandable: some have up to 12 disks in their chassis and can support more than four processors with each having multiple cores. In addition, most of these rack servers can support large RAMs making them suitable for use as computing powerhouses. For the outer aesthetic look, you can incorporate Inwin cases to compliment and cover the servers.

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